At the moment, Portugal is one of the most exciting wine growing countries in the world. This is partly due to the fact that Portugal has kept its many indigenous grape varieties, and partly to the introduction of modern cellar technique, made possible by the EU subsidies. Portugal has a very good climate to make powerful red wines, but it also difficult to retain freshness and fruitiness. However, investments have been done (using European money) to improve the cellar, to improve in the vineyard and to improve knowledge. The cellar is cleaner and more hygienic, and that too has had an enormous impact on quality. Portugal is moving up. The wines are outstanding and the diversity is staggering.

Thanks to that huge upsurge of technique and hygiene in the cellar, the white wines too have reached a quality level that up to, say, twenty years ago, wasn't thought possible. Fruit, power, complexity and that lovely Portuguese character... Modern Portuguese white wines offer a different taste and character and enrich the international palate.


Portugal is blessed with many different micro climates, ranging from wet and cool in the north to warm and sunny in the south. The best known area is without a doubt the Douro Valley, where Port wine is being produced. The area is becoming well known for its table wines as well, of which production outsizes that of Port! But the wines are just so much better than they were twenty years ago, and slowly the world is opening up to the amazing white wines that are being produced here. But there is more: Dao and Bairrada already enjoy a solid reputation, but the wines are getting better and better now. Relatively new is Alentejo, an area that was considered too warm (even though the Romans have introduced wine growing here) to grow decent wines. However in 1995 it got its own DO and it produces some of the best Portugal has to offer.



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